But in anime, this story has a sad ending? But I'm going to watch this because of Kento and Suzu. Just finish watching girl & 3 sweetheart and I swear he is driving me crazy with his hotness! New content will be added above the current area of focus upon selection I like the ending song as well, I don't understand japanese but its melody captures the ambiance of the movie. A girl that resemble "Sadako" of the movie Ring is being feared by her classmates. kentilll Jun 24 2016 11:06 am <3, Abraj Alyawm Jan 19 2017 5:05 pm guys guys, it always happens, now and even back then. They're perfect together!! what a bored actor san. the anime is so nice and its more beautiful when i see this two act the story just keep doing it ill support you all :) best of luck, Meongs Jul 08 2016 4:28 pm @hannah: Yuki Hase befriended a lonely girl classmate when he notices that she's always alone. voiced by Erica Lindbeck and 1 other. I love always your lie in april. A piano prodigy who lost his ability to play after suffering a traumatic event in his childhood is forced back into the spotlight by an eccentric girl with a secret of her own. Angel Hidalgo Dec 11 2016 4:19 pm azkya Oct 18 2015 6:43 pm The shoujo manga genre is no exception and award-winning manga turned anime Your Lie in April or Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso is one of the next on the live-action movie list. On the way to his university in Kyoto, a 20 y.o. //]]>, //^<, sagarichan Mar 21 2017 12:36 am syaoran_9 Sep 02 2016 3:52 am He tells her. wooaaahhh that trailer :'((((((((((((((, - May 31 2016 8:12 am It's a very very fantastic movie although it couldn't be as great as the anime version! @Jisoo's wifeu Orange is another story this one is based on manga and anime called "Shigatsu Wa Kimi ni Uso"maybe you confused because Kento is main lead in both, jisoo's wifeu Sep 27 2016 2:13 am And btw he look so good with tanned skin and rounder face! Futaba lost her first love, Kou, in middle school when he suddenly moved. ... 0 0 votes. Every day and every night pag may time pinapanood kita ?. Watch Your lie in April Episode 5 Online at Anime-Planet. Kento again!!! Streaming Every Thursday Her acting is really good but she doesn't look anything like kaori lol. I don't know what to say... A-1 Studios produced it and it was directed by Kyohei Ishiguro, written by Takao Yoshioka. i think nijiro, kento and dori's characters stood out the most, i'm so impressed. The Hype Is Real, bursamp33 Aug 09 2016 11:29 pm The musicians composing for Your Lie in April nailed the intended feel of the drama perfectly. So yeah, instant admiration for Hirose Suzu! Just watched the movie last night. She decided to fulfill her bucket list with none-other-than the boy who couldn't care less about the world. Plus Suzu Hirose and Kento Yamazaki did a good job in this movie. Your Lie in April is a deceitfully masterful series that initially appears light-hearted and colorful, its palette boasting pastels Yet the moment we step past the disillusionment that it casts upon us by its false prefaces, we quickly realize that what we … The show was added to Netflix with both English audio and subtitles. ahfarafaf Apr 24 2017 12:44 am Maybe if she had long hair it would be better~. An anime television series adaptation by A-1 Pictures aired from October 2014 to March 2015 on Fuji TV's Noitamina block. Kosei Arima (Kento Yamazaki) won numerous piano competitions while under the strict watch of his mother. Aren't anyone curious who will be playing Igawa Emi and Takeshi Aiza??? Tsubaki Sawabe. Title: zoto Aug 14 2016 12:37 pm } Yamazaki has also appeared in L DK (2014), Heroine Disqualified (2015), Your Lie in April (2016), Kiss That Kills (2018), A Forest of Wool and Steel (2018) and Kingdom (2019). W4GRB.pid[1]=159717; Kaori Miyazono, the new girl, and Kousei met in a horrible way at the… Since meeting her, Kousei is able to face the piano again. Based on manga series "Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso" by Naoshi Arakawa (first published May, 2011 in Monthly Shonen Magazine). The Your Lie in April anime series is based on the 11-volume manga that was written and illustrated by Naoshi Arakawa. This time, they’re adapting his soccer manga, Farewell, My Dear Cramer, into a TV anime. Shusei is a very popular student. 5 of 28 people found this review helpful. At age 20, Kaori Miyazono will has repairing surgery in fall and can walk again. Aoi lives in an apartment by herself. Sep. 10, 2016 Japan 122 Min. At the same time, Kaori Miyazono has cured from her disease. Kousei Arima Here is our main character and his personality is one we’ve seen a thousand times over. She is avoided by everyone.While everyone is avoiding her, the popular boy Shota Kazehaya befriends her, and their love begins to grow. Main Your Lie in April Cast. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (also known as Your Lie in April) is a romance/drama/music anime that follows the story of Kousei Arima as he discovers the true meaning of the music in his life.Ever since his mom died, Kousei has been unable to hear his own music. cimalight Dec 26 2019 7:59 pm He lost the ability to play the piano after his mother died of illness when he was 11, leaving him with a trauma that … ><, Kurdish Oct 02 2016 2:09 am Your email is only visible to moderators. PRR Sep 06 2015 8:00 am The piano prodigy Kousei Arima’s monochromatic life turned upside-down. Chihaya is a high school student who loves Karuta, a traditional card game from Japan. Tsubaki wanted to introduce a new friend to Kousei who likes Watari. Kento again. I don't know about the animes version since I dropped it at a few episodes but it doesn't matter, I'm happy to say that this real life action was 10x better then it!If you didn't like the anime version like myself, definately give yourself a second chance by watching this anime! - Mar 17 2016 10:48 pm Drama Music Romance. Left feeling hollow, he meets a carefree, independent, and sometimes short-tempered violinist named Kaori Miyazono one day. characters this year. Faye Nov 02 2015 1:17 am But, then he meets a violinist named Kaori Miyazono who has an eccentric playing style. Kento again. Mina Apr 01 2016 1:39 am Kousei Arima was a genius pianist until his mother's sudden death took away his ability to play. W4GRB.average_rating[1]=95; Once we meet somebody, we can no longer be alone. Watch full episodes of Your Lie in April and get the latest breaking news, exclusive videos and pictures, episode recaps and much more at TVGuide.com I think the anime version is much better than live action. Starring: Natsuki Hanae, Risa Taneda, Ayane Sakura. Directed by Takehiko Shinjo. Person Jan 02 2016 7:40 pm I'll be waiting for you to come to Indonesia. Hatori is in love with her childhood friend Rita, but when Rita gets himself a girlfriend Hatoris world turns upside down. A. Widhi Jan 14 2016 5:13 am Monica C Mar 10 2016 10:19 pm ianz Apr 20 2017 8:09 am I like this movie but the anime version is better. With Natsuki Hanae, Risa Taneda, Ayane Sakura, Ryôta Ôsaka. Kuma-chan Jan 30 2016 9:41 pm I will patiently wait for another Kento move! | Privacy Policy | Contact, http://asianwiki.com/index.php?title=Your_Lie_in_April&oldid=979826. { Everytime I watch this anime online, I really enjoy the music, it is just pure soul of that anime. And Suzu & Taishi had filmed an advertisement together. Jilid pertama diterbitkan oleh Kodansha pada 16 September 2011, [3] dan jilid terakhir dicetak dalam dua edisi, edisi biasa dan edisi terbatas yang menyertakan sebuah video animasi asli (OVA) pada 15 Mei 2015. Since the death of his mother, Kosei Arima has been unable to hear the sound of his piano. Upon finding this out, the boy proposed to go with her pretense as long as she acts as his pet dog. Yumi May 15 2016 10:47 pm English Dub Screening and panel w/ Special Guests @ awacon; 07.21.2017 Kaori Miyazono Casual Dress Version: When Kaori met Kousei 1/8 Scale Figure Pre-Order Today!! Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Despite its emotional ending, this story felt truly fresh. Oh I'm a bit disappointed they picked suzu. In high school, she met a guy who resembled Kou, but has a different last name. . ! … [CDATA[ Shusei moves in next to Aoi's apartment. Rosy Chan Apr 23 2017 4:58 am Even though I'm not content with the ending too much, I love this anime to death! I just saw the trailer and wow, suzu is perfect. Kaori plays the violin and has a free sprit. All hail Lord Kentolol, linda Jun 18 2016 8:30 am As a result, he has stopped playing piano. Your Lie in April TV Shows Movies Video Games Shorts Attractions ... Erica Lindbeck is the English dub voice of Kaori Miyazono in Your Lie in April, and Risa Taneda is the Japanese voice. Starring as the story’s hero, the hopeless piano prodigy Kōsei Arima, will be the Death Note live-action series’ L, Kento Yamazaki.… He was known as the human metronome during that time. Was this review helpful to you? I do hope the actors/actresses can execute it and make justice for the manga/anime. It’s also getting an anime movie titled Farewell, My Dear Cramer First Touch as well. Oh My God! The live-action movie of Your Lie in April will be screened across Japan in September 10, 2016. I can't wait to watch it! Your Lie in April (四月は君の嘘 Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso) is a Japanese anime series written and illustrated by Naoshi Arakawa. they're my favorite idols from japan >.///<. Kodansha has made the reveal through its Comic Plus portal site’s Twitter that the live-action movie of Naoshi Arakawa’s story of hope and courage, Your Lie in April, will come to Japan in September. He definitely have improved alot in his acting skills and I just love how he is able to portray his icy cold attitude yet caring towards the girl! Dec 11 2016 7:41 am baek Jun 16 2016 9:30 am Gem Sep 21 2016 9:21 pm ANIME JOY Nov 25 2016 8:52 pm Synopsis. Haruna can't act and she's too tall, while Mitsukin is too chubby for such role and a little too old to play high school kid again. I think Kento deserved to be in it coz the guy's working really hard. Manga Your Lie in April ditulis dan digambar oleh Naoshi Arakawa, dan mulai diserialkan pada 6 April 2011 dalam Monthly Shōnen Magazine milik Kodansha. Left feeling hollow, he meets a carefree, independent, and sometimes short-tempered violinist named Kaori Miyazono one day. The OVA focuses on Kousei, Emi, and Takeshi when they were younger, showing their troubles during their competitions and the beginning of their rivalry. :), ITCHANKUN Nov 27 2016 6:12 pm Can't wait for this movie \( ˆ ˆ )/♡. suzuhiro :3, La lala Mar 14 2017 2:52 pm Kaori Miyazono plays the violin and has a free sprit. He then meets Miyazono Kaori through childhood friend Sawabe Tsubaki. Your Lie in April (TV) as Yuriko Ochiai Cast in: ... (The) Boy and the Blue Sea (movie) as Teacher (uncredited) OMG Jan 18 2016 4:15 am Emily Oct 19 2015 12:50 am god this kento san looks good no matter which character he plays , and he is rocking those glasses!! Arakawa's Your Lie in April manga inspired a 22-episode television anime series that premiered in October 2014, and Aniplex of America released the series on … ruri jo Jul 31 2016 9:56 pm Your Lie in April is available for streaming on Aniplex, both individual episodes and full seasons. Main Characters A former child prodigy in playing piano. @lord sotong: YLIA Fanboy! I love the casts, cinematography, the OST, I just love everything about this movie. Left feeling hollow, he meets a carefree, independent, and sometimes short-tempered violinist named Kaori Miyazono one day. melulu Oct 12 2015 7:44 am i have to tell that i myself give u.... dreamboxgate Dec 21 2019 9:43 am W4GRB.pid=new Array(); Arima Kousei won numerous piano competitions while under the strict watch of his mother. Your lie in April. justice for taishi nakagawa's screen time.. Nana Mar 11 2016 5:08 am Each day was dull for Kousei. Apple Rose Ledesma May 26 2016 11:41 pm Kento is good on Death note being "L" so i am lookin forward, as Kousei Arima... XD. Kento was recruited when he was in his third year of junior high school, worked as a model and debuted as an actor in 2010 in the drama "Atami no Sousakan". Suzu hiroseeee ! We all know that nothing is quite as good, but this movie breaks the status quo. The teaser video shows leading actors Suzu Hirose and Kento Yamazaki! Create lists for what you've seen & read, watch over 40,000 legal streaming episodes online, and meet other anime fans just like you. Read reviews on Your lie in April on Crunchyroll. I Love that so much. The first part of the "Chihayafuru" trilogy. It was definitely worth watching it, even though I don't know the anime or the manga <3. the reason is because in the anime, there are a lot of unnecessary characters background that i don't care about like Kosei's rivals and the girl who played piano with Kosei too (what was their name again?).
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