Here are the most common abbreviations used in real estate. In traditional advertising they are used to conserve space (e.g. Real estate scripts for cold calling are pre-planned phone conversations that help establish a connection with a possible buyer or seller. TCP includes: Real property that is situated in Canada. In fact, comparing CMAs is a great way to find the agent you want to work with. The tax is calculated on … TCP defined. A real estate broker is not the same thing as a real estate agent. Learn more about wholesale real estate, how you make money, typical commissions, and more. Leverage in real estate is a strategy to use borrowed money to purchase an investment property and increase your return on investment. The Canadian government has the right to tax a non-resident’s sale of TCP. These cold calling scripts are best for new or nervous agents that need a reference point during a call. inRead more A broker is an agent that has also passed their broker license exam. Here is a list to help you understand what an advertised property actually has to offer. Updated: Mar 12th, 2019 Can't agree with your fellow landowners about how to use the land or whether to sell it? Real estate agents are the ones that work for a real estate … Real Estate Walk-Throughs ... TCP is a chemical compound that was used in pesticides sold by the Shell Oil and Dow Chemical companies in the 1970s and 1980s. As of October 3, 2015, the Closing Disclosure form replaced the HUD-1 form for most real estate transactions. Real Estate. Advertisements for rental properties can be very confusing if you are not familiar with the real estate market abbreviations. Cold calling scripts ask questions about buying/selling interest, property details, and availability for follow-up. Here's how it works. The main difference between the two is that a real estate broker can also own a real estate agency or firm. Yes – Some of them are very Weird! Agents use them for two simple reasons. However, if you applied for a mortgage on or … … Making money in real estate can be as simple as being the middleman. Most real estate agents will provide you with a CMA for free, especially if you are selling your home. A partition action may be in order. Partition Action . Residential Real Estate Own Keep. For dispositions after March 4, 2010, the taxable Canadian property (TCP) referred to above generally includes the following: real or immovable property situated in Canada; property used or held in a business carried on in Canada; designated insurance property belonging to an insurer What do the real estate abbreviations stand for? By Brian Farkas, Attorney. They are used often in advertisements and on the multiple listing service sites in the descriptions of a property.