Are you in search of the best holiday destinations for European family? If yes, look no further. Many beautiful holiday destinations exist in Europe, and they feature exquisite architecture, exciting attractions, as well as wonderful beaches.  So, if you want to go on a family holiday or desire a little bit of inspiration, then take a look at the destinations below see if you like any of them. Tenerife Any individual who has ever passed a night

You’re sitting on a plane and you’re requested by airline staff to use the ‘flight’ mode on your phone – about the only time we get to use the feature for the reason for which it was named. Instead, we have to rely on the plane’s WiFi for our connection needs (we recommend testing WiFi speed and security after joining for the safest experience). However, why are we relying on this mode in the first

Flight delays reduced due to boom technology

Reasons supersonic air travel will be successful in Asia Supersonic revival: There has been a delay in supersonic travel since  Concorde’s retirement in 2003, but recently, a group of aeronautics startups has shown renewed interest in supersonic travel. Among these key players, Boom Technology was able to generate over $85 million in funding from seed investors and strategic partners like Virgin Atlantic Airways. CNN – 5 hours from Shanghai to Los Angeles, 5.5 hours from