How Does Our Program Work

Airline passengers may be entitled to financial compensation due to airline negligence. Are you owed money?
If you’ve experienced a flight delay, cancellation or overbooking in the past six years, you could be entitled financial compensation for your experience. European regulations protect your rights as an airline customer allowing you to claim between €250 to €600 per passenger.

Creating your dossier for a compensation claim

We compile global flight and weather data to assess your claim. We also look at relevant court rulings to determine if your claim falls under the right EU legislation. The moment you submit a claim, we work to create a dossier, assessing the claim within one business day and notifying you of the validity of your claim. If we find your claim is valid, we will write our first letter to the airline. Briefly, we do the following after you submit your claim:

  • Review both weather and global flight information
  • Review relevant case laws
  • Write the first letter to the airline

Our communications with the airline

After we have written our first letter to the airline, we let you approve its contents. We send that letter out and wait for their response. You will be notified of the progress. We know airlines don’t want to pay out, but with the right experience and the steps taken when the time is right, you’ll receive the compensation you are legally entitled to under the relevant laws.

We want the process to go smoothly and quickly for you, but we also take the most effective action for your case. We provide you with a login account so you can follow the progress or receive assistance from any team member.

We also take these steps:

  • Write and submit a tailored letter
  • Communicate with the airline
  • Start a debt collection process
  • Move forward with legal proceedings

What is the legal process?

There are going to be times when an airline refuses to pay out, even when your claim is valid. If this happens to you, we will initiate the legal process and dedicate our solicitors to your case who will provide the airline with the necessary legal documents, notifying them of the court claim. When a claim goes to court, a payout tends to occur in 96 percent of all cases. No matter what the outcome, we cover legal fees and others costs.

If you don’t win, neither do we

When submitting a claim with Flight Claims Online, there are no upfront costs or fees. Instead, we process the claim and take just 25% + VAT of the compensation and a £25 administration fee. In the unlikely event that your claim is denied or the case doesn’t go in your favour, you pay us nothing. We incur all the risks and lose if you lose.

We work with over 100 airlines for people in Europe and beyond. We have years of experience to ensure you attain the compensation you are legally entitled.

Why wait? Submit your claim for compensation today, and we’ll get started on your case immediately.

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