• Determine Legality

Our claims team will look at your case to determine if you are legally entitled to compensation under the following European regulations:

• Regulation (EC) no. 261/2004;
• Regulation (EC) no. 889/2002 Montreal;
• Sturgeon case;
• Wallentin-Hermann case.

Using the criteria above, they can learn if the airline can legally invoke extraordinary measures. Besides the above regulations, national enforcement agencies and judges can issue rulings that could be pertinent to your claim’s legitimacy.

  • Review Weather Information

Weather information can play a massive part in your claim’s validity. The claims specialist will look at weather information from every airport and flight routes so that we can eliminate extraordinary conditions like hostile weather conditions (snow, sleet, ice, thunderstorms, etc.)

  • Continuous Customer Support

Flight Claims Online offering continuous support to its clients, addressing questions you may have and ensuring your claim turns out favourably for you. If you need additional help or wonder what the status is of your claim, you can contact us by email. You can also learn more about your claim by logging into your account here. Our team will ensure your questions are answered promptly.

  • Experienced Legal Team

Most airlines refuse to pay out immediately. If this happens to you, our claims team will work with a team of legal experts who will advise you about the next steps.

  • No-Win No-Fee

When you submit a flight delay claim, you don’t pay a fee. However, Flight Claims Online offer an unbeatable service and we take take just 25% + VAT of the compensation won and a £25 administration fee. If you don’t win you don’t pay us anything, this includes any legal fees they have paid. There is absolutely no financial risk when you file a claim with us.

  • Precise Flight Information

We attain information for millions of flights, which is used to assess claims. For example, did a non-European airline operate the flight? The information could determine your claim’s validity. Once flight information has been checked, we assess it against current case laws. It’s how we create a dossier and present our findings to the airline company.

  • Letter Composition

Once we have learned about your flight, we will write letters to the airline company about your case, using the pertinent laws and regulations. Multiple letters are often sent out to airline companies, which gradually put more pressure on the airline. We may even confront them with the evidence we have attained to get your compensation.

  • Submitting Claims For Multiple Passengers

You can submit a claim that includes multiple passengers on the same trip. As long as passengers sign authorisation to you, you can turn in a claim for the whole travel group. Children under the age of two do not qualify for compensation.

  • Fully-Included Legal Process

If your case is still not settled even with the findings Flight Delayed have submitted to the airline they will peruse the claim and take them to court if they feel the case is strong enough to win. In 98 percent of these cases, a payout is inevitable.

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