Travel Voucher Compensation

Travel Voucher Compensation: Always Be Careful

You’ve had a terrible experience with an airline and have experienced flight delays, cancellations or overbookings and the airline is offering some travel vouchers as an apology. This is great, right? WRONG. Before accepting anything from an airline, you always have to consider their motives. When it comes to airlines and travel vouchers, the majority of the time they’re actually trying to limit the damage. Rather than paying full flight delay compensation, they offer vouchers at a much lower cost to the brand.

Working under Regulation (EC) No.261/2004, we, at Flight Claims Online, have seen this many times. Unfortunately, lots of people accept this lesser compensation because they don’t realise European law entitles passengers of delays (of over three hours) to flight delay compensation; this is assuming that the airline is to blame and not extraordinary circumstances.

Travel Vouchers – The Attractive Danger

While vouchers may seem like a nice gesture from the airline, passengers who accept this apology won’t be able to claim for full compensation later down the line. Rather than small vouchers offering a discount on a future flight, you could receive a significant percentage of your flight cost returned…if not all of it.

With vouchers, they seem attractive because we think ‘it’s better than nothing’ but in most cases, they actually only last for one year. Remember, the voucher will only be valid for their airline, so what they’re doing is securing your custom for your next trip away. Even if they’re losing a portion of the income in discount, it’s still income they wouldn’t have had without the voucher.

Of course, the airline is also relying on many passengers forgetting about the voucher or simply not using it before the expiry date. Regardless of what the voucher entails, it will never reflect what you’re really owed from a flight cancellation or delay; this can only be recuperated through a high-quality flight delay compensation specialist like ourselves.

While on this note, we should say that you should always accept vouchers they offer to reimburse you for hotels, refreshments, transport, etc. However, travel vouchers are where you need to be careful.

What Flight Claims Online Can Do For you!

If you’ve had a terrible experience with an airline and your flight was delayed for over three hours (or if it was cancelled altogether), we urge you to contact us today. Even if you just want to learn more, you won’t be under any obligation after speaking to one of our brilliant team members. On our website, you can also take advantage of the flight delay compensation calculator to see how much you’re owed.

If you’ve already accepted a voucher, don’t give up just yet because we may still be able to help if the voucher offers less than what you’re owed. In these cases, we can work towards recuperating the remaining amount!